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Sitting at the Feet of Grandmother

Willow's personal lessons in the Matriarchal lineage of becoming a Wisdom Keeper of the North.  Natural order and day by day reflections which honor traditional values, attitudes and beliefs which embrace the wholistic value of All life.

Dedicated to my grandmother, Paulina, Wisdom Keeper of the North.

Sacred Reflections, c/o Willow, P.O. Box 2672, Stateline, NV 89449

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Sacred Reflections is a Spiritual Organization whose  soul/sole survival is based in each individual participants Mind Heart Understanding of Natural Order.

© 2000 Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

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Natural Order

The Natural Order of Cycles


Our day begins at night.

This is the place where our ancient dreams are remembered.

Close examination of the cycle of all life reveals to us "the memory".

The birth place for natural order begins in darkness.

WE Remember -

Within the shell, the seed is held.

Within the womb, the child begins development.

Within the idea of the mind, all dreams are birthed.

Within the heart of desire, all life is imagined.

It is within the void of matter, the dirt of the earth and the heart of spirit,

We find ourselves.

Each life begins within the dark embracing, nurturing womb of


Here is our home.

Here is our safety.

Here is the place where we are nurtured.

Here our visions are held,

And our dreams are called sacred.

Within the womb of our home,

It is natural to be cherished.

It is natural to laugh.

It is natural to be InJoy.

It is natural to walk in wonder.

It is natural to express self as Beauty.

In the Natural Order of All Life

Joy is Beauty in Dance


Question:  " Grandmother, why are you so quiet?"

Answer:   "Grandchild, it takes great attention and

concentration to hear the song of  the snowflake."

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