Seeking to joyfully honor the loving guidance of the

Ancient Ones,

Willow gratefully shares her gifts in

Spiritual Guidance/Direction in processes of

Ego/Soul development and formation..

Personal grounding tools in finding Center and Balance

  • Art

  • Story Telling

  • Song

  • Dance

  • Meditation

  • Contemplation

  • Earth and cosmic ritual and ceremony.

  • Natural Order of cycle and rhythm.

  • Light and color as tools for healing.

  • Creative dance, song, story and art as tools to reawaken and recreate memory flow.

  • Individual sensory earth connection through primary sense awareness.

  • Creating and maintaining sacred space.

  • Clearing of land.

  • Earth vortex: discovery, development and care.

  • Cosmic journeying.

  • Night dreaming and day dreaming.

  • Soul portraiting.

  • Soul memory and healing.

  • Past life and family soul healing.

"What  must be retained in the consummation of the universe is nothing less than the properties of our center 

and it is accordingly this center itself -

it is precisely that by which our thought is reflected on

itself-which must be saved."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  -  How I Believe

Sacred Reflections, c/o Willow, P.O. Box 2672, Stateline, NV 89449

E-mail:  willowq et sacredreflections d?t c?m

Sacred Reflections is a Spiritual Organization whose  soul/sole survival is based in each individual participants Mind Heart Understanding of Natural Order.

© 2000 Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

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