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Sacred Reflections is a Spiritual Organization whose  soul/sole survival is based in each individual participants Mind Heart Understanding of Natural Order.

© 2000 Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

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About Willow

Spiritual Earth and Cosmic Guide

Founder and Co-creator of:

Sacred Reflections: Center for Transformational Awareness

The Essence

   of Life is the        Emotion for


I, Willow, Am  a

Universal Humanitarian Ceremonialist.

Celebrating the Divine Human Being in Visionary Art, Spiritual Guidance and Personal Medicine.

I explore the possibilities of integrating traditional and  new creative ways to live,

by participating in the Co-creation of living within the most harmonious and authentic pathways.   

My life and work are dedicated to:

'Universal Oneness of Peace in Unity'


     Willow is a first born daughter in a matrilineal lineage of medicine women.  Educated in the disciplines of Social Work and Divinity, Willow spent 20 years of her career in humanitarian service as social worker and minister working with all ages, stages, socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds of the human being.   

     Through Sacred Reflections, Willow works nationally and internationally as a spiritual guide, medicine woman and visionary artist with individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

     Willow co-creatively uses earth and cosmic medicine tools to aid individuals and groups back into primary sense awareness,

as a means to rekindle and awaken personal connections in Universal Oneness. 

     This development, evolution and celebration of the Sacred Divine Human Being is an essential key to unity within the individual, family, group, organization, community, Earth and Universe. Through the mind heart intentions of communion, compassion and co-operation, new co-creative relationships are developed and maintained in health and unity.

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