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Willow and I live a simple contemplative lifestyle at the top of

Heavenly Valley.

From our view, the Sacred Reflections of Co-Creation

from love embrace us. 

We share a common passion for Universal Peace and are dedicated to the work of

Sacred Reflections as a means of soul development for all beings.

We  are grateful for abundant blessings and lessons in communion.

We walk in common passion with divine cosmic and earth nature, divine human beings and divine beings who share time, space, service, intentions and contributions toward

Balanced Manifestation of Unity and Fruition of Universal Love.

Sacred Reflections is based soul/solely in the belief of:

Divine Universal Intention of Wholeness.

As  a Spiritual Organization, we journey in co-operative gratitude with and for the love and support of those who hold this most sacred work in highest intention and love.

May the light blessings of peace and wellness accompany you in  your  journey of wholeness.

                                   TwoHawks and Willow

Sacred Reflections

Sacred Reflections, c/o Willow, P.O. Box 2672, Stateline, NV 89449

E-mail:  willowq et sacredreflections d?t c?m

Sacred Reflections is a Spiritual Organization whose  soul/sole survival is based in each individual participants Mind Heart Understanding of Natural Order.

© 2000 Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

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