The Hopi story is intended to give us direction so we may gain understanding and may walk [or engage] "our path" consciously and with sure footedness.


Caring for the Corn

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To contact us:

Anna Silas and Milland Lomakaiya ,

Come to us from Hopi, Arizona, to share with us the traditional ways in which to care for and honor corn.

The Hopi people have grown corn with virtually no water in the desert for over 2000 years.

The Hopi are 'the people of peace'. 

Mr. And Mrs. Silas act on behalf of the Hopi Nation as an intermediary between the Hopi and Western world.

We are very appreciative of the opportunity to learn this ancient method of caring for the corn.   

This caring takes place over a three year period.  During these times of Mother Earth transition and shift,

it is of utmost importance to examine the ancient ways of survival. 

For more information please contact Sacred Reflections.

There will be two event days scheduled in the summer of 2006:

South Lake Tahoe

Bay Area

Reservations are required.  Full day workshop.  $100.00--deposit $25.00   

Hopi Mandala:

Transition into the Fifth World

Book Sampler.

Hopi Mandala Book, Posters, Post Cards, and Events.

All proceeds go to the Hopi Museum whose sole purpose is to provide an avenue for the children of these ancient people to remember and express their aboriginal roots, values and beliefs. 

Sacred Reflections supports this dream financially and through teaching. 

Suggestions are welcome. 

Donations can also be made directly to:

      Hopi Museum

       Attention:  Anna Silas

       P.O. Box 7

       Second Mesa, Arizona 86043

Please make a note to the Museum that you are making donations in relationship to

'Sacred Reflections--Willow'

For tours contact Anna Silas @ (928) 734-6650

For jewelry, pottery, Katchina Dolls, 

please feel free to contact Willow @ (775)588-5972

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