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New Breed Healers is a community that has arisen out of a kindred desire to heal, grow and create as we move towards greater awareness and an ever-deepening Love.  We come together with intention, respect and humility to mold a process and create a new language.  We give and gain as we support one another on our individual and communal paths.  We are awakening.  We are arising.  We join hands as we face and shape our future.


We are working from the bottom/root up, in understanding and acknowledging natural order for ourselves and our motivations, our actions and relations, and connections to each other through the silky web that is the cosmic ecosystem.  In this form of conscious living, we seek to create community.  We help to remind each other that trueness to ourselves, to our hearts, and to each other is the largest truth and love there is.  If we can hold this basket of honor, as a place for ourselves and each other in the world we have truly created community… this is the "work" we delight in.


It is in the simplicity of Being InLove that we find our selves within our home.


Sacred Reflections, c/o Willow, P.O. Box 2672, Stateline, NV 89449

E-mail:  willowq et sacredreflections d?t c?m

Sacred Reflections is a Spiritual Organization whose  soul/sole survival is based in each individual participants Mind Heart Understanding of Natural Order.

© 2000 Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

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The last year was the scariest of my life in loosing my unconditional love of 25 years. In community I find the safety of that love in truth and peace. To be one in community without question or doubt as I begin a rebirth of life is sacred. I love you all and I am truly loved.